1. Together Again



Here's to the pretty senoritas in the front row You in the middle with the drink in your hand Cheers to you all at the back of the hall
It's so good to see you again
It's good to be together again
Well sometimes you wanna stay in and take it easy Sometimes you wanna shake the party tree
Everybody knows it depends how the wind blows
Come and sing along with me... everybody sing along now
If you feel inclined to get whole place jumpin' Dancin' in the aisles make you feel alright
Raise the roof my friends, get your booty pumpin' Gonna set the town alight... c’mon everybody
And heres to you, who've had so many heartaches
We tip our hats to all of those we've lost along the way
So good to see you x3
It's good to be together again It's good to be together again
So good to see you....