Well I was just a singer
In some hapless travelling band When she took me by the hand Whilst loading up the van
She said she loved my singin'
And she didn’t understand
Why I was with such losers anyway
She said she knew a music man
Way down in Tupelo
Who had a friend, who had a friend Who's friend was in the know
And then she upped and kissed me
I got the feeling down below
And all my troubles seem to fade away
She gotta hold on me
Ain't no way to stop her now
She got me down and dirty
She gotta hold on me
An’ I just can’t find my way back home To Albuquerque
“Now I got somethin' here for you" I thought I heard her say
“I got something here for you” Then night time followed day
Well I'm still here n' drinkin' beer And playing in her bar
Love didn’t get us far
That's just the way things are
And my old band are number one And everyone's a star
She said she'd get me back with them some day
"How she gonna do that?"
I hear everybody ask
The same way Don Quixote Turned into an ass!
And I just can’t find my way back home To Albuquerque