1. Healing Hands



It's like you're standing in a river, darlin’ Tryin'a hold back the flood
They call me the doctor
I'm gonna nip this in the bud
I've studied in the dark arts Self loathing and misery
I've got just the right thing To set your poor soul free
You dont have to be no lazy Susan Spinning on a table top
Jus’ taking off with the nearest loser Before the spinnin' stops
I'm offering my services
To cure such maladies
It could take a day or two Before you get to see
I've got healing hands With a voodoo smile Can’t you understand We're only here a while So please don’t wait Don’t hesitate
Just cancel all your plans For my healing hands
For my healing hands...
So now my work is done here darling So tell me how d’ya feel
You don't need no new prince charming A potion or a pill
Only time we’ll get to meet again Is some lonely Avenue
Till then I’ll bid you fare thee well Adios and adieu