1. Hola Compadre



Hola compadre, como esta
We've travelled long and we've come so far So don’t forget who you are
Just say, hola compadre, como esta
I know there’s happiness
Somewhere ahead I guess
I know there's got to be
A way to see through loneliness
If you can try, to lay that pain to rest One day on the street
If we should meet
I'd love us to say
Oh how the time it flies
In cars with all the guys
We'd travel near and far
From bar to bar, just telling lies
And then we'd dance, like fools into the night We can get there again
If you tell me when You just have to say
And then your heart Will learn to live again I tell you my friend This isn’t the end
And so we will say
Hola compadre, come esta