1. Rosalee



Daddy and me worked our fingers to the bone
Put some money down and bought the farm
Wasn’t long before, we'd two hundred head or more Longhorn cattle rolling round the barn
Came that saddest day, when Mamma passed away From that day on I think you cast your spell
Cos when you came to cook, I think you must of took Daddy’s heart and Mamma’s memory as well

Rosalee Rosalee
He left everything to you not to me You don’t figure in our family tree Now you hold the key Rosalee
It sure must be your cooking, cos you ain't that good lookin’ Now you're the pecan in my Daddy’s pie
Your pork and corn posole can’t forget your guacamole
I'm sure that you've got other fish to fry
Now I don’t see your light, where do you sleep at night? I'm sure it's not my crazy paranoia
But when you call his name, I guess I'm out the frame Excuse me now I gotta call my lawyer
I'm hearing wedding bells, guess what this trouble spells I'm sure my Daddy’s heart won’t take the strain
Have mercy I beseech ya, before you call the preacher Listen while I sing my sad refrain