Los Pacaminos


Los Pacaminos got together in London in November 1992, initially as an antidote to the bleak English winter. We all shared a passion for Border, Tex-Mex and Americana music.

We started out as a practice band playing when other musical commitments allowed – just playing for fun really. Word got around and we soon began playing gigs.

The Tex-Mex influence

The roots of Tex-Mex music lie somewhere between the Mariachi and Norteno styles of Mexico and the Country/Blues sounds of South-West America. Mix that together with blues, rock ‘n’ roll and a hint of South American music and you have a typical Los Pacaminos set. Songs like ‘Wooly Bully’, ‘La Bamba’ and sometimes, if enough tequila is flowing, even ‘Speedy Gonzales’ are included.

The Paul Young influence

At least one member of the band will be very familiar to most. Los Pacaminos is fronted by one of the UK’s best-loved vocalists – Paul Young:

“Los Pacaminos started out just for fun, playing simply for the pleasure of it. It just took off from there. What’s really nice is that everyone else in the band can sing too. A Pacaminos set is real bar room stuff – foot stompers, not too many slow songs – a real party atmosphere.”

We’ve covered all kinds of music in our often colourful stage lives, but one unifying factor is being part of Paul Young bands in the 80s and 90s. Our friendships thus stretch back 20 to 30 years. It’s these long term connections that underpin the very special atmosphere generated at a Los Pacaminos gig. We’ll often invite audience members onstage to join us in a slug of Tequila!

Not forgetting the other influencers that make the Pacs happen:

Our manager Lisa Climie, agent Lee Noble, Sarah and Rob Beddington, Cally and Richard Langhurst, Kevin Poree and Danny Monk, Andy Lucas, Chris Lee and many more…you know who you are!

And Honorary Pacaminos that have served loyally include caballeros and desperados such as;

Toby Chapman, Hamish Stuart, Midge Ure, Tom Jaworski, John Tonks, Nick Evans, Tex Comer, Danny Cummings, Jim Cregan, Alan Dunn, Steve Simpson, Big Jim Widdop, Robbie McKintosh, Matt Backer, Paul “Feeling It” Stewart, Steve Pearce and other fine, fine musicians.

And finally, our illustrious technical staff… 

Roger Bird, Radar Walton, DJ, Sue and Bonnie

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