Audience Reviews

“I really enjoyed being on stage with the Pacs, such lovely people and so much fun! Doing what I christened ‘Tex Me I’m Yours’ was one of the best moments of the year for me, it was like being on stage with my trousers half way down. I felt the support of Paul and his players right from the first note. It’s so lovely to be involved in this live recording, I don’t often get asked, but I’m glad that I was.”

Chris Difford

“Los Pacaminos played last night, and they were immense. Paul Young led the band, Jamie Moses (Lazarus) knocked it out on guitar and quite simply put; they were having a blast. I had the fortune of meeting the band afterwards, and they were a lovely bunch of lads.

In the same way Johnny Cash had a Renaissance; where it became cool to like his material: Los Pacaminos are in that vein. A cross between the aforementioned and Buena Vista Social Club. Let the older lads show us how it’s done; because lets not beat around the bush: we really haven’t a clue.

Be warned! I saw them when they were underground.

Los Pacaminos will suddenly become cool amidst a backdrop of self absorbed hipsters who would jump on the fucking Titanic if it made them feel and look individual, unique, different.

I guess my prediction is that they will become “cool to like”, and so be it. I hope they do because they are brilliant.

I’m just glad I saw them live before I had to deal with the knob cheese waste of ‘Hipsters’. Find your own identity. Be your own. I hate you. There. I said it.

Los Pacaminos rule.”

Aidan Parle

“Hi Guys

I just wanted to thank you a fantastic night (Redhill). I brought a group from the care
home where I work. We were on the front row, i don’t think you would’ve
missed us!  We got up dancing in the second half of the gig, you would’ve seen
Michael joining in doing his air guitar. I’ve seen you live before with my Dad who
is a big fan. I bought the ‘Live’ album and also Drew’s CD, which i am playing
now. I had to hide them at the weekend from my Dad, as that would’ve been it –
they would’ve somehow gotten into his pocket! Anyway with loads  of love to
you all and once again thank you for a great evening. We hope to see you in
Redhill again soon…”

Jo Gosling

“I have been an admirer of Paul Young since 1983. I have been to see him in arena’s and one intimate gig at Watford Town Hall, but have not been to see him live for many
a year! I missed seeing Los Pacaminos in St Albans a few years ago, but promised
myself i would get to a gig this year, Ruislip seemed to be my gig of choice. However,
having met with Toyah and chatting to her over the last few months, i made the
impulsive choice to go to the Hertford Corn Exchange on Friday 19th October.
It was a big deal for me to make the decision to go to the gig on my own, as i’m aware
there is many a loyal Los Pacs following and i was a “virgin” but with gentle
persuasion from Toyah, i got through the hellish 2 1/2 hours journey and abandoned
my car in the street (turned out to be right outside the venue!)Having only really been to concerts in the true sense of the word, i found myself soclose to the stage, i could almost see up their nostrils! WOW! What a joy! The gig was fantastic foot stomping, thigh slapping fun, i had a brilliant time, thank you all so much for a fabulous night, it was a shame to have missed Jamie, who had a better offer from New Orleans (how could we compete?) so i hope that when i go to the next gig (tickets for Ruislip 15/12/12 secured) I can meet him and the rest of the boys again! This time my enthusiasm for a fab time has meant that i will be bringing at least another 6 Los Pacs virgins with me, wnd we are already looking at how we can do our own routine to a Pacs tune, any ideas? And perhaps i may get to be a Tequila babe?”

Karen Blinko, Hemel Hempstead.

“Thank you all so much for such a fabulous evening at The Half Moon last
Friday. Your wholesome aura and amazing banter between yourselves and us,
the audience, was amazing. Your total enthusiasm and love of performing is so
contagious, it gets everyone rocking. I loved it! You are all so great together.
Also it is so lovely that you mingle after and say hello to your fans. Rock on Los Pacos, love you all bits.
See you next time…”

Meryl xx

“Well where do i start?!
I’ve been a fan of Paul Young’s for too many years i wish to mention…… And everytime
i’ve had a Los Pacaminos gig local to me, i’ve been away. Until The Robin 2 gig on
Friday 26th October (Great Birthday pressie, as it landed two days after my Birthday!)
I’d heard fab reviews of the band and how good they were live, but they exceeded my
expectations. I never stopped dancing and singing all night! Then after the gig the
band came out to speak to fans and have photo’s taken, and i got a very sweaty hug
off Jamie, and even a hug from Paul too (which made my night, plus he signed my
copy of his cook book). I would advise anyone to go to a Los Pacaminos gig. I’m now
addicted and will be seeing them live as often as i can from now on.”

Liz Broom, West Midlands

“Hi, just wanted to send a message to say thank you for a brilliant gig at the Horn. It reminded me why I love live music, confirmed my love of Los Pacaminos and left me wanting to develop a taste for tequila!! Thanks to Drew & Jamie for the shout out, we are LP virgins no more, it made our night. Already booking tickets for another gig. Shelley x

P.S. Paul thanks for signing my photo, it was worth the 30 year wait to see you perform live!”

Shelley Jardine, Herts